Saturday, 7 November 2015

Loving being a runner again

I've totally fallen back in love with running these last few weeks, and am finding that being coached by Lindley is making a massive difference. The plan he's given me is working and I can feel myself getting fitter - consistent training, hills and doing tempo runs apparently does work!

It's a good job that I'm enjoying running again...

Last night I got a place in the GUCR ballot for 2016! I'm very excited to be running this iconic race again...I made so many mistakes this year (yes, that chafing and blisters from hell!) and really want to try and learn from those and improve my time next year.

Also, I've finally had my tattoo done, at the King of Hearts studio in New Cross...something I've wanted for years! Lou Hopper was the artist. It's not quite finished, and I have another appointment at the studio in a couple of weeks, but as you can see it would be a bit of a mistake if I had already decided I was no longer a runner....

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