Monday, 8 June 2015

Too much too soon

Yesterday I ran the Stour Valley Marathon, a race that I have been looking forward to all year since defering my 2014 entry. It rounded off a 46 mile week, my first of the Juneathon challenge.

The race didn't disappoint - it was an absolutely beautiful (hilly) course, and I enjoyed the challenge and adventure of it being self-navigation. It was a bit hot for me, and I found myself struggling with heavy legs - as it turns out I'm really not yet recovered from GUCR. In hindsight, I think two weeks was too soon for my first race.  I was shattered last night, fell asleep very early, and today I feel wiped out - I haven't been so weary after a marathon for years. It was also my second slowest marathon ever, but I'm still so glad I did it -  a wonderful day out in the countryside, and look at my amazing medal!

However, I've decided to withdraw from next week's race, my paired attempt at Endure 24 with my friend Emma. I feel awful for letting her down, but I have to be sensible - I have too many niggles that are on the verge of developing into something more serious, and I'm just too tired. I need more of a rest before I start running long again. I'll keep my training runs short over the next few weeks, and give my body a proper chance to recuperate.

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  1. Lovely to see you but you were definitely brave running a marathon 2 weeks after GUCR! Hope you recover well and see you at another run soon!