Monday, 25 May 2015

145 miles? I can run that.

This weekend, I ran the iconic, unique and ridiculously far Grand Union Canal Race. 145 miles, non-stop, from Birmingham to London. I will write a proper blog about the race, probably tomorrow - it was such an incredible experience - but my head isn't together enough to get the words down at the moment, and there is so much to be said.

So, for the time being, here's a link to an article in the Independent that Robbie Britton has written, about this year's race, and here is a photo taken just after I finished, in 37 hours 21 minutes, in 33rd place out of 100 starters, and as 3rd Lady, behind the legend that is Mimi Anderson as 1st Lady, and Alayne Malkin.

I have never been prouder of myself.


  1. Great Blog and excellent article thanks for the share, i would love to mark your blog as a bookmark. It is very inspiring for all the females out there.

  2. Love it!! And what a great photo!! Well done Naomi!!