Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Sunshine, great company, laughs, cake & a bit of running

My most recent race was the Run for Tomorrow marathon, and I had a really brilliant day.

The weather was stunning and the location, Pitsford Reservoir in Northamptonshire, was very pretty with a mix of different views, and a flat route that took us around the lake with a few wooded sections to break up the open paths. I bumped into lots of friends as soon as I'd parked up at the start, and so knew from the off that this was going to be a fun day - the marathon circuit really is so social, and the more races I do, and the more people I meet, the more I love this aspect of running!

I ran the first mile or so with Traviss and got some advice for the Thames Path 100 - he's always such a support and inspiration - before heading off on my own, just enjoying the scenery and the run, and the unusually gorgeous blue sky and blazing sun weather we had. It turned out to be a bit too warm for my liking, and I ended up with quite bad sunburn, but it just made such a difference after the diabolical weather we've had recently.

I felt good throughout the miles...all 26.64 of them according to the Garmin...and managed to run the whole way, only stopping briefly at the water stations and was really pleased with how I got on. I've got so used to run/walking in the ultras it did take some determination to keep my pace up the whole time. I ended up clocking my fastest marathon since April '13, finishing in 4:14, and actually felt pretty strong throughout, which I was pleased with as the marathon came at the end of four weeks of good training for me, with mileage of 46, 53, 42 and 50 miles, so it's another confidence boost as the 100 miler draws closer.

However, the best thing about Sunday's marathon was the couple of hours after we'd finished. I think because the weather was so nice, everyone seemed to want to stay at the end, and we lounged around on the grass in the sunshine, laughing, chatting and catching up, celebrating some significant race milestones and clapping in the other finishers as they crossed the line. There was even cake. It was an afternoon that I'll definitely remember.

So, I've leave you with a few pictures of the lovely people I shared the day with...and our great medals! :)

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  1. Oh that's so close to me! Is one of my marathon training loops! Didn't even realise this was on! Pics look lovely and glad you had a great run!