Monday, 24 June 2013

Taking on Endure 24

I may be struggling with pain, injury, recovery, weight-loss and all of that boring stuff at the moment, but I’ve still got some exciting race news.

Along with fab ultra-runner Emma Sherwood, I’m going to be taking part in the Endure 24 event in June 2014. Emma entered us a team this morning so it’s all official! :D We are team “Em’n’N” – thank you Taff for the name ;)

You can enter Endure24 either as a solo runner, in pairs, like we are, or larger teams of up to 8 people, and everyone sees how far they can get in 24 hours, running loops of 5 miles along what seems to be a really lovely trail course through the woods.

I’ve known about the event since it started last year, and the overwhelming response from everyone who’s taken part, it seems, is that it’s a really great weekend and everyone has loads of fun. Emma and her friends have run it before in a team, and her other half Andy has done it as a solo runner, so I'm very confident that it's going to be awesome as they're so keen to go back! 

No...we're Em'n'N', he's Eminem
This year, there was only one female pair team that entered, who ran 20 laps in total - I'm certain that between us we'll be able to beat that - but how we do in the event overall obviously depends on how many other pairs enter...every year Endure24 is growing in popularity as more people find out about it and there's no way we'll be the only female pair next year. 

Regardless though, I think it's going to be a great event - really fun and relaxed - and it's going to be totally different to anything I've done before and I'm really looking forward to it! 

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