Friday, 28 June 2013

High-protein snacking

A while ago, I was asked if I'd liked to try a new product that's recently hit the market... a yogurt that's particularly high in protein. 

Now I love yogurts and along with fruit, milk and cereal, I have to have them in the house, so was very happy to try out a new brand. I thought that maybe they'd make a good post-training snack. Although I ate a lot of the delicious High-5 Protein Bars during the 10in10 (one after each marathon) I'm always reluctant to buy them normally as they've got a fair whack of carbs in them as well as the protein. Fine for after a race, but for every day training? Too much. However, we all know how important it is to eat something that's got a good level of protein in it, within 45 mins of finishing training, and I usually go with a glass of milk and a yogurt...a yogurt that has a higher than usual amount of protein but the same number of calories has got to be a good thing! 

So, I said yes to trialling Danio, the new yogurts, made by Danone.

This is the blurb about them:

"A bit about Danio - it is a new super thick and super tasty strained yogurt, high in protein and low in fat.  Available in six flavours. The secret behind Danio’s thick texture is that it is made by a method of straining which uses more milk than standard yogurts and makes it high in protein."

They average about 150kcal per pot with about 12g of protein. 

Unfortunately, the texture they have as a result of the particular process they use to make them wasn't to my taste - they are really thick, and need a good stir before you eat them - but with the nutritional stats behind them, I'm sure a lot of runners would happily have them in their fridge, although I don't think I will.

So, overall opinion - worth giving them a go to see if you like them. And no...I didn't get paid to say that...I just got some yogurts! ;)

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