Sunday, 12 May 2013

The 10in10 gets tougher

As we all sit in the bar together at the end of what has been a tough day, I feel I should tell you all about running my third marathon of the ten...about the atrocious weather, forgetting to charge my garmin last night and so having to unexpectedly run without it, and the particularly pertinent fact the I also forgot to take my coat to give me any level of protection against that relentless rain! For me it was a VERY miserable was hard work and I really struggled. 

But what I'm actually going to tell you about is how awesome the support has been today. The whole of the Brathay 10in10 support team seemed to be out on the road...and it was wonderful. Every water station was manned, and everyone out on that course played their own part in getting me through the run today. I think I chatted to most people a bit, and made sure everyone knew how sorry I was feeling for myself and how tough I was finding it. They all said the right things, cheered me on, and got me back on the road though, as they do for every one of us taking part in this insane challenge.  At one point, about 16 miles I think, I only half-jokingly asked Karen if she'd give me a lift back to Brathay in the car! She declined and sent me on my way ;) 

For the latter part of the run, me, Kaz and Eli were often in sight of each other, and occasionally met up at water stations too. I think that helped as well - although we're running individually, it really is a team event and seeing them was a motivator to keep going! 

Once I crossed the line (about 4.40 I think) I was feeling thoroughly annoyed with myself for not taking the Garmin, or the coat, and was generally pretty fed up with the never ending rain!! I was cold, tired, my legs were hurting more than they have in ages, I never wanted to see another hill...and I don't think I came across as too cheery for Martin and his camera! I did feel pretty emotional though at having got Day 3 done, and had hugs from the others who were there which made a real difference.

After finishing, I got incredibly cold, very very quickly. Between Aly, Marcus, and some of the other physio team they got me sorted out with hot soup and extra coats, and then Chris came and sat with me and had a chat for a while so I could get everything off my chest, before I got sent for my ice-bath. Apparently hypothermia isn't a valid excuse for avoiding it! ;) I was so cold I was shivering before I got in so it felt warmer than the other two unpleasant as ever though! But afterwards I got showered and changed and soon felt back to normal - thoroughly happy to have completed number three, and determined to make sure that marathon number four is much less unpleasant. 

A big thank-you to the support team and the other runners for getting me through today day, and for the physio team for hopefully sorting out my dodgy legs in preparation for tomorrow.


  1. A tough day and yet you're still so positive. You own this thing, Naomi x

  2. A tough day, but another 26.2 miles in the bank. You're 3/10 of the way there. And to think I'm sweating about the final, singular, marathon a week today.
    Your blog has reminded me to bring a coat in case of bad weather. In case? What am I thinking, more likely weather!!

  3. Sounds like a particularly tough day but you did it because you have such an amazing attitude and that will be with you for the remaining runs and beyond! Well done x

  4. Very well done Naomi! Keep the faith, prepare well for tomorrow, wishing you a rain-free day!

  5. Well done Naomi, keep going, you are doing a brilliant job. At least you've got a rotton run done early. Hopefully tomorrow will have better weather to lift your spirits :-)

  6. If it was easy anybody would do it. But my money is on you Naomi. You are doing great. Another one down. Well done.