Tuesday, 14 May 2013

An emotional day

Today was really odd. I felt quite a lot of pain this morning in the dodgy knee, but after a bit of stretching and walking about, it soon loosened off. Went down to see the physios and got a great taping job done, and was in a pretty good state of mind to have a decent run.

Once 10am came though, I started feeling a bit weird and didn't really want to chat to anyone. By the time I got to the start line, I didn't really want to run anywhere either. But what other option is there...

Anyway, I started, and my legs hurt and I was tired and grouchy. The painkillers I'd taken didn't seem to make any difference and I didn't seem to be warming up. I got to the water station at 2.5 miles, and still felt rubbish...but what you can do...you've just got to get on with it. I still didn't really want to talk to anyone though :( On I went, and soon the painkillers kicked in...and what a difference it made. Although I wasn't entirely pain free, to be able to run relatively freely was such a welcome change. The weather was lovely too! Neither though improved my mood, and by about 6.5 miles I was running along in tears! Why???? No idea...but I was overcome with emotion about who knows what and spent the rest of the day trying to control myself and just get the job done.

I carried on, still feeling pretty strong, and once I realised that I might be on for a sub 4:30 I decided that was going to be the aim of the day. I managed to finish in 4:27 which is my fastest Windermere marathon, but couldn't even look at anyone when I crossed the line.

Aly, who is so wonderfully intuitive, and knew I'd been having a tough day, steered me away from everyone and got me inside, before I took myself off to another room and burst into tears again! But by now it was all over, and soon enough, with a bit of support, I was ok again and was able to carry on the rest of the day quite normally.

I have to send my apologies to all of the awesome people out on the course today who I barely acknowledged as they tried to cheer me on...I just couldn't deal with any of it, although I kept thinking about how much I'd needed the support on previous day. But now I'm just hoping for a much better day tomorrow...you never know, the sun may shine, my legs might work and I might just be in a good mood too! Here's hoping for a great marathon number six!! 

Oh and if you'd like to help make it an even better day, please do sponsor me at www.justgiving.com/naomi-runs-10in10


  1. You're doing so well Naomi. Your mental strength is just as impressive as you physical strength. You're going to do this! X x

  2. You're doing so well, Naomi. Half way there. What an amazing achievement. You should be really proud. Well done.

  3. Well done Naomi, you are awesome !

  4. Good grief woman, I was nearly in tears myself reading this! You are doing great . . . I can't even get my head around the concept of what you're doing, let alone the fact that you are actually doing it! Keep it up!