Friday, 1 March 2013

Getting back to normal

Although my knee is still problematic, I'm really pleased with how I've felt this week after the weekend's 45 miles. On Monday I was a little stiff, but not really any pain or restriction of movement, and if it hadn't been for my knee still being very painful I could probably have run on Tuesday.  To recover that quickly is a real blessing, and I'm also very grateful, to be honest, that my gamble with running so far in brand new shoes paid off and I wasn't left with any foot problems to contend with either.

But despite feeling pretty good, I haven't run yet...I want to wait until I can walk without any knee pain before I start running on it again, but in the last 24 hours it's definitely improved, and so tonight I may try a five miler around the streets, and on the back of that, make a decision about my plans for the weekend. I've got a place in the Cambridge Boundary Marathon on Sunday, which is another self-nav cross country affair - it'd be a good opportunity to have another go in my now favourite Salomons, but no doubt it's going to be a very muddy day and lots of hard work! To be honest I'm looking forward to the string of road races I've got coming up which are inevitably going to easier...

The other thing I'm considering is going along with Heather (another 10in10er from Billericay) to her fitness training class on Saturday morning. It sounds pretty brutal but I think I need the motivation of other people since I stopped seeing the personal trainer. Now that the St Peter's Way is done, I feel I can really start focusing on the 10in10, which means also making a real effort to concentrate on some strength training in conjunction with the running. I think I've got the diet and nutrition thing finally in hand now, and have lost nearly a stone since the beginning of the year which is of course a good thing, but I do need to start stepping up my game in terms of improving my general fitness and getting stronger!

It's time to really get back to proper training rather than just running races at the weekend!!

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  1. Good luck with the Boundary run if you do it. Might have done it as well, if it wasn't the week before the Cambridge 1/2. Not sure why they have put it so close to the Cambridge 1/2.