Monday, 19 November 2012

The key to recovery is more running

I got myself to the start line at the Luton Marathon yesterday and very pleased that I also managed to get all the way to the finish! It was definitely one of the hardest marathons I've done as the pain in my hip really kicked in from about half a mile and lasted pretty much every step until I crossed the finish line 4 hours 12 minutes after starting.  I kept telling myself it was like I was running the second half of a 50 miler, and it was good practise to run through the pain.

Fuelling/hydration all worked out really well though, and I'm pleased with how I got on in the circumstances. I didn't run with a watch, as I wanted to run in line with how I felt, instead of trying to maintain a pace and although it was a little disconcerting I'm relieved I didn't have the pressure of trying to get a time.

Luton's a 3 lap marathon, and I started with the idea that if I needed to, I would pull out early at the end of a lap as the physio had instructed. It was strange to go into a race with a potential plan to DNF but luckily once I started running, I knew I couldn't seriously consider dropping out unless my leg dropped off! Anyway, it was a good day all in all, with perfect running conditions, and the event was incredibly well organised.  Particularly mention too for the many, many marshals who were, without exception, unrelentingly enthusiastic around the whole course.

I had my second physio appointment today - apparently my hip is actually better than it was last week even after the trauma of the marathon. I think the key to recovery is definitely running more!


  1. I like that, more running for recovery. After a month of no-running to look after my ankle, maybe that's exactly what I need to do now?! ;)

    1. Well...don't take an notice of anything I say - I've got no idea what I'm doing! ;)

      I only tried the marathon because my physio said I couldn't do any more damage and the only side effect of running it would be pain. She was right and my hip continues to feel better today and I'm going to try a short run tonight. Think I was lucky with the type of problem I have, so maybe see a physio before deciding about running again if you still have pain after so long - it sounds like your ankle is more seriously injured than my hip :(

      Good luck with it! x