Thursday, 1 November 2012

Bloody wombats

For as long as I've been running, this has happened every so often but I wasn't expecting it at all this time...out of the blue it's happened again...I've totally lost my running mojo! :(

Morning after morning, and night after night I'm not going out to run. My schedule has gone out of the window, with only 23 miles banked last week, and only a gym session this week - no running at all so far!  I came home early from work yesterday because I felt so out of sorts, probably not helped but the fact that I'm eating terribly at the moment which is also making me totally lethargic and exhausted, which then turns the situation into a vicious circle.

Every day that passes I know I'm getting further away from managing a good performance at the Luton marathon that i'm due to be running in a couple of weeks.

I know this will pass - it always does - and tomorrow morning I will try again to get up, out and to shake this off...I'm still calling myself a runner, but to make that true, I do actually have to do a bit of running!


  1. Naomi, as I always say..."Running is Stupid and bad for your knees"

    Enjoy the rest, I think your body (and your knees)needed it after your recent exploits :-)

  2. I think losing your running mojo is just one of those things that happens (not that that is any consolation!). And seen how much you've done over these past few months, well, I wouldn't worry too much! Here's a virtual hug anyways... You'll get there!!!

  3. I have no questions at all about your motivation - you are one of the most determined and dedicated runners I've ever met! Mojos can come and go and often when your body is just saying, "I need a bit of downtime". Listen to it now and you'll be firing on all cylinders again in no time, I'm sure!! Take care of yourself. K x