Monday, 26 November 2012

A hip replacement?

Today is the 16th day since my hip really blew up, and the 16th day it's been painful.

Since then, I've run just 11 miles in training, had two sessions in the gym with the personal trainer, completed the Luton Marathon, and gone through half a roll of rock tape.

The pain is getting better, slowly but surely, and today I had my third session with the physio.

She's given me some more exercises to do, and prescribed them twice a day to try and further build up the strength in my core, pelvis and hips.  The exercises are all very easy on the face of it, but doing them with the physio made me realise how difficult they are when they're done really slowly while properly engaging the muscles, and maintaining good form! I trust the physio, and am going to carry on doing what she's told me, in the hope that not only does my hip recover, but that the extra strength I gain from the exercises will help to protect me in the future.

Unfortunately, I've started to put on loads of weight because I'm eating as much as I usually do (if not more) but barely doing any exercise! Today I have recommited to sorting myself out, and if I can't run, I need to swim or head down to the gym to maintain my fitness, and I need to sort out my portion sizes. In other news, we've set a date for the wedding now, and so I have to start thinking about dropping a few lbs for that reason, as well as just to help my running!

I have the Saxon Shore Marathon on Saturday, put on by Traviss Willcox, which is an event I've been looking forward to for ages as it seems that lots of the usual suspects are going to be there, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone! As I got through Luton, I know I'll be able to get through this one, but will take exactly the same approach. No watch, take it slow and easy, and just see how I go. Let's just hope it's doesn't make things worse!

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