Saturday, 14 July 2012

Recovery and injury

Recovery from the 30 mile run was much easier than expected.  Although on Sunday I was very tired, I was amazed that using stairs and sitting down wasn't a problem and my legs still felt pretty good.  I didn't run, but we went for a walk in the hilly local woods, so I did get some movement to stop my legs seizing up ;)

DOMS set in a bit on Monday, but nothing too significant, and no-one noticed anything unusual in my gait at work, but I didn't run, really just because I was feeling lazy ;) Tuesday was back to normal though and I ran 5 miles home from the station and despite being much slower than usual (unable to pick up any sort of cadence) my legs felt fine.

Wednesday was my personal training session at the gym.  It was a hard session, but, as I have done with the others, I really enjoyed it and found myself achieving things I haven't done before.  Stretching at the end was painful but I was pretty sure it was just because I must have been particularly tight after not properly stretching after the race, and I pushed through it. My hamstrings and core were hurting as I walked away from the gym, but I was pleased with that...that makes me feel that the money I'm spending on the PT is worth it!!

Thursday, my legs were still hurting, but I went out for a run.  I was still telling myself it was just DOMS and that running through the pain was good practise for the latter stages of next week's 50 miler.

By the time Friday came though, my core had stopped aching but my hamstrings were still very painful in both legs: I realised I'd been kidding myself, this wasn't DOMS, I'd overstretched my hamstrings at the gym and had strained them.

So, I didn't run Friday, and after getting home from work spent the evening in my compression shorts, legs up and smothered in ibruprofen gel! I'm repeating today, and hoping to god that my hamstrings heal in time for next weekend.  I don't have any bruising, so it's not a proper tear, and although yesterday it was painful to straighten either knee, today I can do that, so I'm hoping they are healing from the overstretch.  Still painful to the touch, but getting there.

It means my mileage is going to dramatically suffer this week (as I was meant to be doing 6 miles on Friday and 15 miles tomorrow) but obviously at this stage I just need to concentrate on getting rid of the pain!


  1. Forget the mileage just get recovered sufficiently. I would normally have a gently run on the Tuesday after a big run and then rest up for a few days to allow the swelling and bruising to go down. Rest up, eat cake to get your energy stores up and start again. My hamstrings always hurt after a big run :-(

    1. Thanks Jerry - yep, you're right, sure I pushed too hard on muscles that were still trying to recover. Live and learn I guess :( I am resting though, and eating cake, so fingers crossed I'll be ready for the 50 which (hopefully) this time next week I will have finished!! :D

  2. I recently stumbled upon your blog and was drawn to it not just because we share the same first name, but because our backgrounds are fairly similar...including dealing with injuries and a love of ibuprofen gel! I look forward to reading more about your running adventures.

    1. Hi :) Glad you found me, and thanks for commenting.

      Look forward to having you along for the journey...the next ten months are going to be pretty intense (a bit scary!) as I prepare for the 10in10!

      Thanks, Naomi