Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Twitter motivation

Despite it being Day 5 of Juneathon yesterday, it started out being a VERY lazy day!

We didn't get up until about 9am, before going to pick up a new (read second hand) sofa that we'd bought from ebay.  Aside from a bit of furniture shifting that I did to get the old sofa out, and the new one in, I then proceeded to spend the rest of the day sat on the new sofa...ostensibly trying it out, to make sure it was comfy ;) (it was...looks like new and is lovely!). As it was the last day of the Jubilee celebrations, we watched the parade through London, the amazing crowds of wonderful flag wavers, the displays by the guards and the flypast on TV, but even after that was all finished, I still managed to find more TV to watch.

I knew I had to run, but kept putting it off - I'll go out in an hour, I'll go in a bit, I'll go after the Queen's speech...

By about 6pm, I decided that I fancied a Chinese take-away for dinner...we've not had one for ages, and being a Bank Holiday, though it was just about justifiable. However, I was really starting to struggle with the idea of still going for a run, and was rapidly losing all motivation for it, especially as the weather worsened outside - so I took to twitter, and asked for help:

Can you all convince me that I do actually want to go for a run today?!  
Oh dear, this evening isn't looking good for a run. I'm still stuck to the sofa & now we're planning a take-away for dinner 

The response was fantastic, as always and pretty much immediately I had a stream of people encouraging me to run. I've copied my feed from last night so you can see (although had to remove everyone's fab avatars as Blogger can't cope with the formatting). If anyone ever asks "what's the point of twitter?" this is the sort of thing I tell them about....

I'm very pleased to say that even though I devoured a huge but delicious take-away dinner, and despite the weather outside last night being absolutely atrocious, at 10pm (two hours after dinner to let it digest a bit) I did lace up my trainers and get out of the door.

I know I wouldn't have managed it without the encouragement and support from the 
lovely people below, so thank-you all!

Had I gone out earlier in the day, I would have done 8 the end I did 6, but that's good enough for me, especially as I ended up having a great run, where for the first time in ages, my legs felt strong, I flew round and really enjoyed myself! There's a lesson in all of that somewhere ;)

 I went first thing and it was a fab run in the country before the rain set in. You go though, you are a proper runner, be strong
 zip up you're man suit and get on with it. Earn that dinner!
 run to get the takeaway? The long way round!
 Go one, get out there, I have just done Intervals after too much lunch. I didn't vom, I call that a 
 I am dithering re my run too. Had a nap for an hour after our Street Party. We really SHOULD go. How about 7.30pm?
 doooooo it, you will feel better once sat on the sofa again.
 Go for it and the take away will be guilt free!


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  2. I really should use twitter tio get me motivated, yesterday I struggled to get out and my HJuneathon is not only running now... just exercise of some sort... yesterday was Pilates