Friday, 8 June 2012

Running in the monsoon

My day off work yesterday was as welcome as ever and the weather in the morning, as I lounged on the sofa having a leisurely breakfast and watching TV, wasn't too bad.  No rain, a bit of wind, a bit cloudy, but ok...pretty much ideal running conditions.  Needless to say it didn't last. Below is my entry from my site about yesterday's run....

21.41 mi in 03hrs 16mins 09:08 pace and 2540 calories
This was a run in absolutely torrential rain from about four miles. I was relatively happy to start with but by about 14 miles I was pretty fed up with the driving rain & with my absolutely soaked through top sticking to me like cling-film. At about mile 18 a large truck drove past me, and , just like you see in the films, it splashed an enormous wave of water all over me. I'm sure the other drivers must have thought it was hilarious...I didn't, but by that time I was so wet it didn't make me any wetter and so I just carried on running. Good distance for mid-week though :)

So, despite getting absolutely drenched, I was really pleased to have got out, and to have carried on in such awful weather, even if I did spend quite a lot of the latter part of my run regretting that I hadn't worn a coat!  I think I'm quite lucky I was running a circular route as once I'd gone so far, I just had to keep going to get home!  I'm also quite relieved to have got a long run done yesterday, as in my original schedule for this week I was due to have to run for a second time on Sunday, after the Southend Half Marathon. Most of the times when I've planned to run after a race, to add some additional miles for the day, I haven't managed it! At least now, I look well on my way to clocking up my highest mileage in a week ever, of 54 miles.  I can't believe that I'm going to have to run that far all in one go, in just 6 weeks!


  1. I'm so impressed. For me, 6 miles is a long run. Way to go!

  2. Great stuff, I have not gone over 10km yet! Well done for sticking it out in this horrid weather