Thursday, 21 June 2012

Running at midnight

Yesterday went like this:

5:30am: alarm rang - I turned it off.
7:30am: got up, 2 hours late
9.30am - 5.30pm: at work.
6pm: train to Chelmsford with a sandwich for dinner
7pm: watched the T20 cricket game between Essex and Kent.  Amazing match, great atmosphere, and very exciting towards the end...came down to the last ball! Kent needed a 4, Essex got a wicket, so Essex won.  Fantastic!
10.10pm: wandered back to the station from the cricket ground.  Realised the train was in 2 minutes.  Sprinted & got to the platform at 10.13pm, missed the train.
11.10pm: Finally got home.
11.30pm - midnight: Went out for a run!

That's very late, even for me, a seasoned night runner, to be heading out of the door and so I didn't go far, but am pleased I went.  I barely saw anyone out on the roads, but there was a group of teenagers coming up the street, I assume from the pub, in the opposite direction to me.  As I got closer I could hear them asking each other "Is she really running? At this time of night?" and then they started applauding and cheering me as I passed them, as though I was running a marathon.  It raised a smile and was all well intentioned ;)

Despite getting to bed so late, I actually tried to get up at 5.30pm this morning in another attempt to get my run in before work.  Needless to say, I slept through! Unfortunately, we're going out again tonight so I'll be running late again, although this time I'll hopefully be home a bit earlier, which is a good job as I need to do about 8 miles.  Fingers crossed it doesn't turn into another midnight run, not sure how long I can keep this up! ;)

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  1. I'd have been seriously tempted to log sprinting for the train as my effort. Well done for resisting that and for going out for a real run.