Saturday, 9 June 2012

Not every run is worth blogging about

Not sure what happened to my run last night...up to about 9.30pm I fully intended to go out but the next time I looked at the clock it was an hour later, I was still sat on the sofa, mid-way through Unforgettable (my current trashy American police drama of choice), eating jaffa cakes and didn't make it out of the door.  I am sometimes a very bad runner!! This also means that I will now have to run a few miles tomorrow after the Southend Half Marathon to bring me up to my week's target.

I did make it out today though, but for a very non-eventful 6 miler along the pavement by a main road.  I take that route sometimes because although it's not pretty, there are some decent hills which make for some hard work, which is so often missing when I take a flatter, easier option.

So, no run yesterday, a dull run today - at least tomorrow I have the race which will hopefully give me something more interesting to blog about, so I don't end up losing all my readers before the end of Juneathon ;)

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