Monday, 4 June 2012

Not a day for a marathon

Juneathon - Day 4

Today was the day of the Kent Roadrunner Marathon...the race that I was due to take part in, but decided not to run because it's the not most inspiring course and I wasn't looking forward to 17 laps of it, and because my legs really haven't been right recently and I think they needed a bit of a rest.

I only managed to head out for a brief and early 3 miler this morning as we had a really full day planned which didn't leave much time for running, but it definitely proved that I was right not to run the Roadrunner as my legs were incredibly heavy and I had quite a few aches and pains - there's no way I would have managed 26.2 miles today.  3 miles was good enough for me though, and hopefully tomorrow they'll feel better!

We had a good day though - Francis and I spent the morning and afternoon at Chatham Historic Dockyards (recommend it for a day out if you're in the least bit interested in boats or sailing) and then went to my eldest brother's house in Chartham in Kent for the village's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. It turned into a real family affair, because as well as me, Francis and my brother, there was also my sister in law, her mum, my wonderful niece and nephew (who's in the photo, with his face painted as a tiger although they only had red, white & blue) as well as my mum, and my other brother.

By the end I was waving my flag, really getting into the spirit of things, and thoroughly enjoying spending time with everyone.  I know we all do, but I do love the family.

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