Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My favourite downhill run...uphill

After a couple of days of failing at Juneathon (i.e no exercise of any sort) today I reminded myself what I meant to be doing and went for a run in the unexpected sunshine we had this afternoon.

I didn't go too far as I was quite disorganised time-wise today, and managed just over 5 miles, but I did take some inspiration from my last blog post, and achieved something I've never done before.

There's this one hill that joins up some of my regular runs, but which I rarely go to.  It's about half a mile and crazy steep and I go so fast down it, that it I struggle to keep control of my legs so generally don't worry about that and just let gravity take control instead!  I absolutely love it and so occasionally do treat myself to a downhill trip but don't run there too often in case I get used to that feeling of freefall and don't enjoy it as much.

But that's downhill.

Uphill is a different story.  I've lived and run here for 3 years, but have never run up this infamous hill because it just seemed far too steep, and far too hard - I didn't think I could manage it.

Today it was sunny, I was enjoying my run, so I treated myself to a downhill run.  When I got to the bottom, unusually I stopped. I turned around and looked up the hill - you can only see about a quarter of the way up but I considered what I should do next...I remembered my blog, I remembered that I'm meant to be so confident I can take on really hard training sessions, and I knew what I needed to do - I ran straight back up!

It was hard, I had to stop once for a breather, but I made it to the top and you know what, I'm really proud of myself and I'm going to do it again, only next time, I'll do it without stopping!

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