Monday, 25 June 2012

Exciting news...the magic number 10

Well, as you'll notice, my Juneathon blogging has gone out of the excuse is that we've been really busy since my last post - had more going on last week than we usually do in a month ;) As well as the cricket, we had a trip to the Royal Institution for a lecture/book launch with the legend that is Sir Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter, a day out at Knebworth Park for an awesome Red Hot Chili Peppers concert, and then yesterday was the grand prix and we watched England's exit from Euro 2012....but the running has been going well and that's the important thing ;) 

I clocked up 50 miles last week, including 27 miles for the Longest Day Run over the weekend.  It's not quite as many as I was hoping for, but I'm struggling with what I think is tendinitis in my ankle and so cut a few runs short.  Obviously, what I should actually be doing is not running on my ankle at all, and to this end, I'm taking today and tomorrow as rest days in the hope that gives it enough time to feel better. 

Anyway, more importantly, I have had the most exciting, incredible, and terrifying news....

I've been offered a place to run the 2013 Brathay 10in10!  If you haven't heard of it before, this is an awesome multi-day charity event, held at England's largest natural lake, Lake Windermere, up in the Lake District. Essentially, 16 of us will be running a marathon a day, for ten consecutive days, with each marathon being a lap of the lake.

On the 10th day, the main Windermere Marathon is held, and our small group of 10in10ers will be joined by 1000 other runners, and we will complete the final 26.2 miles of our adventure.

I just can't believe that they've offered me a place and I'm so happy.  Overwhelmed, a little apprehensive perhaps, but mainly just happy, especially as when I told Francis he was really supportive about me accepting the place.

I've followed the event for a few years, and have been totally impressed and inspired by the commitment of the other people that have completed it and am struggling to get my head around the fact that I'm going to become one of them! It really is just amazing.

262 miles in 10 days.  It's going to be a massive challenge to complete, but it's a charity event and that will help me through - I'm going to aim to raise at least £3,000 for the Brathay Trust who organise the 10in10 and the Windermere Marathon.  Brathay are a charity that inspires and supports disadvantaged young people across Britain, helping to improve and transform their lives - they do amazing things for these children, creating a tangible difference to their lives now, and their lives as adults, and raising money for them will make a massive difference to keeping me going not only through training but through that event itself.

So - here goes... I've got 10 months to train, to fundraise and to get in shape to complete the hardest endurance event I've ever faced, 10 months until 10 marathons in 10 days.  I can't wait :D


  1. What a terrific challenge. Congratulations and good luck! K x

    1. Thanks so much :) Still can't quite believe it...all very exciting! x

  2. Sounds a great and very challenging event, good luck. I quite fancy doing the main marathon.

    1. Thanks :) Sure I'll need it...

      Definitely think you should run the main marathon - seems like there's going to be quite a tribe of people I know online running, so be great to meet you in person!