Friday, 1 June 2012

Day one of Juneathon...again

Juneathon banner

I had really high hopes of Juneathon this year.  Unlike previous attempts, I was determined that this year, June would be a month-long runstreak, but it hasn't started out too well.

Yesterday I went for a 90 minute sports massage, which turned into a bit more of a physio session, to try and sort out my leg which gave me so much pain on Tuesday's run. It was pretty intense, and at times very painful (as I'd expected) but undoubtedly very beneficial - the only negative was that unfortunately I was told to consider resting my leg some more, and not running until Wednesday next week!! Wednesday?!

That would mean having had a whole 7 days off! Not only would that be a dire start to Juneathon, but, more importantly, I really don't think I can afford to be out of training for that long with my 30 miler in just five weeks. Initially, I considered ignoring the advice entirely and running today, but I still had some pain in my leg this morning so decided that it would probably be more sensible to have another rest day, which I've done.

The only exercise I did manage today is walking the mile to and from the train station and home, and from the station to the office and back.  I don't feel it really counts for Juneathon but as I've not be sat on the sofa all day (and I had a particularly horrible day at work) I'm not going to beat myself up about it, and am planning to run tomorrow instead - the first day of the Diamond Jubilee extended bank holiday weekend., and the first day of my Juneathon runstreak success [hopefully]