Tuesday, 22 May 2012

New shoes & fixing my blisters

In my last post, you found me recovering from the Halstead Marathon, which had given me really bad blisters, and I was planning to buy some new shoes to try and avoid it from happening again.  It's only just over a week later, and quite a lot has happened....

1) I bought the new trainers. I went to Run and Become, a shop near Victoria in London, and was very pleased to receive the most excellent service and advice, and came away with a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 in a size larger than I usually wear, and in their limited edition, patriotic colours. 

I was also really impressed with the knowledge of the assistant who helped me, the questions she asked, and the information she was able to give me, and also really liked the vibe of the place - by the till were little motivational phrase cards - I brought home the one below.  Anyway, I took my new shoes home without the box, and ran back from the station, doing 6 miles straight off and they were great and have been since.  A really successful buy :)  
2) Before they got better, my blisters got worse, they burst and got infected.  I couldn't run for three days, and was walking with a limp.  With antibiotic cream and a lot of TLC including changing dressings twice a day, they healed, just in time!  I should have taken out shares in Boots with the money I was spending in there on first-aid kit ;)

3) As well as the new shoes, I've invested in some very cute Injinji toed-socks (which were recommended by someone who read my blog) to try and protect my toes from any new blistering (which arrived last night but I'm yet to try them out) and also some moleskin tape, which seems pretty sturdy for also protecting my feet.

4) And the biggest news....I've run another marathon! Well, a marathon plus a couple of miles, as part of the Marathon RelayGB event...but that is important enough for it's own post, coming soon! :)

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