Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Is this what ignoring the pain actually looks like?

I got emailed three photos from the Halstead Marathon today...I really don't look very happy, even as I cross the finish line. You'd never believed that I absolutely loved this race ;)

It may say "start" but the start & finish lines are across the same mats,
just run in opposite directions!


  1. Naomi...it is your "Race Face" you are in the zone....you have found the zone :-)

    1. lol, hurray...I have a zone! Who knew? ;)

      Saw your other comment about Halstead on my other post. Thanks so much! Would love to do a race together but you keep doing these REALLY long ones ;) Didn't you run the Kent Coastal marathon last year though? Are you doing that again - I'm planning to at the moment :)