Monday, 2 April 2012

Successful recovery for my broken body

This time last week, I was considering whether I would be able to run the Reading body felt absolutely broken, as you will see from my last post!  But in all honestly, pulling out wasn't a viable option for me - I had to do all I could to help me recover in time. So:
  • I took three days off in a row - no running at all.  Not entirely through choice - I could barely walk - but I think this was the most important aspect of feeling better, my body just needed some time to heal! I then ran 6 miles on Wednesday and 6 again on Thursday, with another two rest days before Sunday's race.
  • I headed to Boots and bought a load of tablets (although have now been given lots of recommendations for where I could have bought them at half the price!).  I'm now taking a decent dose of Glucosamine Sulphate, Chrondroitin Sulphate and Cod Liver Oil, every day to try and help my joints cope with the rigours of running.
  • I bought some 2XU compression 3/4 length tights. I've seen lots of other people wearing them and thought they looked cool, but the price has always put me off, although I've long been a convert to the idea of compression clothing.  I'm now a convert to 2XU too - in my opinion they are better than any other compression stuff I've bought in the past, and well worth the price. They are incredibly comfortable, but also seem like a miracle for my legs and I think wearing them has made a difference for me. 
  • I got a sports massage - this is something I love to do, but again the price puts me off going that regularly which is a shame as it's so worthwhile.  My main problem areas on this trip were around my hips, my hamstrings and my glutes (lots of problems with my glutes!) and so I had to really ignore all my embarrassment and let the massage therapist go to work on my bum!! It did work though, I did feel better, and I'll definitely be going back too.
All of this came together and brought me to the point where I got up at 6am yesterday morning, feeling entirely confident, really looking forward to the race and absolutely raring to go - no pain, no tiredness, no longer broken...and you know what, I absolutely smashed it :) I had a great day, and a race report will follow....

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