Monday, 12 March 2012

The Toad Challenge

I've been thinking long and hard about my post from a couple of days ago, and I've come to the conclusion that trying to train for the Trans Britain Ultra this September is too much too soon...realistically, I don't think I'm ready, or could be ready for it, in time to really enjoy it.

However, I have found a race that I do think I can be ready for - it fits well with my plan of doing some fun events and will give me a real taste of what a multi-day run is about.  It's The Toad Challenge, organised by Extreme Energy, and it's a 90 mile run over 3 days, along the Thames Path, from Oxford to Walton-on-Thames, through Henley, Marlow, Maidenhead and Windsor.

It's a pretty flat course, seems to be very picturesque, and is open to walkers as well as runners so I wouldn't be the slowest one out there either (although of course I will be trying to run it!) - couldn't be better for my first try at something like this!  How very exciting :)

However, I do need to convince Francis. I did promise that I would have a break from racing after July so we could spend weekends together doing stuff (like the 50 mile bike rides we keep talking about) so I would need to make sure that training didn't take over my whole life - looks like lots of very early morning runs will be the answer!

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