Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Is it too much too soon?

I've just updated the list of my upcoming races (on this blog, see the tab above) seems I've got a bit carried away with booking them, and over the six months, I've now got 9 races scheduled including a 90 mile ultra!  Is it really possible that I can be ready for this?  Any sensible person would surely tell me that I've not been running long enough or far enough to take on so much! But then I'm not sure sensible really comes into it when you start talking about running ultra marathons ;)

As well as a memorial 5km run that I'm taking part in, for Andrew Corbett (the runner who tragically died after completing last years' Brentwood Half Marathon), I've also signed up for Reading Half Marathon which I'm running a week this Sunday, four full marathons, and then my ultras: the Enigma 30 mile race, the Challenge Hub 50 mile race, and The Toad Challenge which is the big one - a staggering 90 miles in 3 days...and that just takes me to September!  

Wow.  Just reading about them all makes me feel worn out ;)

Uuuum, yep, I think so!

It's weird as half of me is very excited at the prospect of taking on so many challenges, while my other half is berating myself...why put myself through all of this?  It's going to be so much training, it's going to completely take over my life, it's unfair on Francis and my family and is going to put my body under incredible strain, and all for what....

Well - the half of me that is excited is winning out, and I can't help but look forward to the races, and to seeing what my body (and mind) can achieve.  

When I think that two years ago I ran the London Marathon, totally unprepared and unfit, in what was an agonising 5hrs 41, the prospect of now being fit enough to run so many races (and hopefully get my first sub 4hr marathon at Brighton next month) is astonishing - although whether my body agrees that I'm fit enough to cope with the training, we'll see over the next few months!


  1. Naomi, the Toad Challenge makes my spine shiver...not because of the distance but because it is slit over 3 days! A wonderful challenge :-)
    Now as for the others, take it day by day and make decisions as when they arrive...September maybe a little too top heavy but let's talk about that in August :-)

    1. Thanks so much for this Jerry - really do appreciate your advice and support :) Let's see how I get on...

  2. wow wow WOW 90 mile ultra - love the sound of your goals and I'm looking forward to following your progress. All the best for the wind down (?) in to Brighton. K x

    1. Thanks so much :) So nice to share this with all of you who understand...everyone I know in the real world thinks I'm crazy!