Monday, 5 March 2012

Becoming a gym bunny?

About eight months ago, I realised that my good intentions weren't enough to make my gym membership a worthwhile expense...I hadn't actually set foot inside the place for months!  So, I cancelled, and to be honest didn't miss it at all, even during the winter weather - I'm a runner, and I run outside, so what did I need with the gym?!

However, I've recognised that what lots of people say is probably can't just run.  Well, obviously you can, and that's great, but to be the best I can be (and reduce the chance of injury) means losing the extra weight I'm carrying, working with some weights and getting in a bit of cross training - the cardio workout I get through my running isn't enough.  Now don't get me wrong, I'll never run on a treadmill (because I hate that more than anything) and I'm not planning on reducing my mileage, but I am planning on supplementing my training and to this end, this weekend I rejoined the local LA Fitness, which has recently had a massive refurbishment and is a far cry from the paint-peeling, mould growing in the showers, AC doesn't work type of place that it was before!

What I'm planning is to go swimming one morning a week, and having a gym workout another morning - so I'm not aiming too high, but hopefully that will be enough to make a difference when I combine it with running 3, 4 or 5 days a week.  My first session back in the gym is tomorrow morning so I'll be getting up early, joining @6amCLUB and going for a workout!


[Just to update - I made it to the gym on Tuesday, although didn't manage to get up early so went after work.  I exercised really hard, I put in loads of effort.  I had to stop while I was on the bike as I thought I was going to pass out.  Then I ran home.  I'm going back this Tuesday and am very glad I joined!]

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  1. definately a good plan, I try to swim two mornings a week and then do one class (either Pilates / Body Pump / Spin) depending on how energetic I feel after all the running. I think it helps!