Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The beauty of photographs

More and more races these days seem to have official course photographers (or rather, arrange for a company to come and take photos of the event).  I really value this, as I tend to go to races on my own and there's no-one to take any pictures for me!  Although the resulting photos are usually extortionately expensive, I usually end up buying a couple. 

Sussex Sport were the company working at this weekend's Roding Valley Half Marathon, and, I suppose because it was a lapped course, there were lots of opportunities to take pictures, but even so I was really surprised, and pleased, to see that when the race gallery went live online there were loads of photos of me...the grand old total of 18! 

There was a package deal if you bought all of the photos, which worked out much cheaper than buying the ones I particularly wanted, so although it made a ridiculous dent in my wallet, I forked out for the lot of them.  They all looked good in the low-res quality that were online, and I was really looking forward to getting the high-res ones that I'd ordered...and they arrived today.

As you'll see, I've scattered a few of them through my blog post about the race and I'm really pleased with how those ones came out - in fact all of them are great from a technical point of view - colour, clarity, sharpness etc!

However..... most of the photos that I haven't used in my blog, I really hate and it's through no fault of the photographers.  

It's because they show me how I really look...which is of course the beauty of photographs!  The ones that I've chosen to put on the blog have all fortuitously caught me in a relatively flattering position but most of the other ones haven't, and it's a real reminder (read slap in the face) that although I lost a fair bit of weight last summer, I've started putting it back on, and I never got down to where I wanted to in the first place!

So, the photos are a wake-up call.  I've had a lot of those in the past, and blogged about "how this time I'm sorting out my diet", but it never seems to last, and I usually forget about whatever the wake-up call was, about the time that I fancy a biscuit or someone brings in cake to work, or we decide to have pie and chips for dinner.  

I think I need to print out a few of the really shockingly wobbly photos and tape them to the fridge and store cupboard!!  Just imagine how fast I'd run if I was skinny! :)


  1. I am feeling you here! After a good race at Tunbridge Wells on Sunday I was very pleased with myself and my pacing and how far I have come. Then as I scanned through the pics, there was one where I was grinning like a loon but looked fine... the others however I looked like a big sack of spuds rolling down the hills.
    But with time comes the loss so stay strong and keep running, and don't stop eating cakes as nothing is worth that!

    1. Thanks so much for your comments - glad I'm not alone in feeling like this ;)

      "Don't stop eating cakes, nothing is worth that" made me laugh - it's very true and I agree entirely :D