Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A well needed pep-talk!

For some reason, today I'm being flooded by self-doubt.

I'm planning all of these great things for 2012, but I wonder whether I'm expecting too much of myself.  I was so positive and excited just yesterday but this morning I can't get the questions out of my head - can I really double my mileage compared to last year and can I really run an ultra?  Am I committed enough, physically capable, mentally strong I good enough to really make this happen?

I get so much support on twitter that at times I do believe I can reach my goals, and I see other people achieving phenomenal success in challenges that are much harder than anything I'm aiming for, so I know great things can be done...right now though, I'm just not sure whether they can be done by me!

However, as every endurance runner knows, a large part of being successful is having the psychological strength to keep going when your body tells you it's had enough.  I call myself a runner, so I need to start thinking like one - I can't fall at the first hurdle and fail through a lack of mental fortitude! So, self-doubt or not, I have to just get out and get on with it, and give my training and my ultra a damn good go and prove to myself that I am good enough to do this!


  1. Naomi, this is to be expected, we all have bad patches in this sport. You did some incredible things last year with your PB's and distances, this can only improve this year. The self-doubt will go with more event experience and the opportunity to mix with other runners on the various courses you choose. So yes, you are good enough :-)

  2. Oh Jerry, thank you so much for this comment. Really appreciate it, has definitely put a smile on my face! :)