Sunday, 1 January 2012

A successful year

I'll apologise for this post in advance...

I know that it's really self indulgent, and I'm blowing my own trumpet a bit but I'm so proud of how 2011 has gone, I just want to record my highlights, and really reflect on how far I've come this year, which will hopefully inspire me to do even better in 2012 ;)

1001 miles in 2011
I did it...I ran 1001 miles!  It took a hell of a lot of effort in December to get there but on New Year's Eve, I actually hit the magic number! And just because I'm a geek, below is the chart, showing how I did it, with miles per month....

Races and PBs
I ran 12 races in 2011, which is what I had set out to do, one for every month :) I really enjoyed them, and racing is what it's all about for me.

At the beginning of the year, my aim was to run a sub 4:30 marathon and a sub 2hr half marathon. 

My first marathon attempt back in April 2008 at London was 5:00hrs, and then my first of 2011, London again, was a 4:55 - you can see I hadn't improved much! However, I'm elated that in 2011 I did improve, and by the end of the year, I had achieved my aims:

I ran 4:09 in the Kent Coastal Marathon in September and 1:53 in the Bedford Harriers Half in December!  

I never believed I could run these times or get so much quicker in a year, and it makes me so excited about what I might be able to achieve in 2012!

Run Streak
I successfully completed the Runner's World Holiday Run Streak - running every single day from Thanksgiving to New Year, clocking up a total of 220 miles!  My mileage was through the roof (for me) during this time, and I never thought I would have the commitment or determination to run every day over the holiday season, but I did, I have, and I'm so proud that I kept going, even when I really didn't want to go out.  Hopefully this will give me a good grounding for my ultra training this year!

Weight loss
February 2010: I weighed 176lbs (12 stone 8lbs).  
February 2011: I was at 165lbs (11 stone 11lbs). 
June 20011, I started following the Weight-watchers plan
*September 2011 - I got down to 146lbs, 10 stone 6lbs!

At my heaviest, in about 2001, I weighed nearly 200lbs (about 14 stone) and losing weight has been an ongoing struggle for me for many years!  I've lost a bit of weight on a crash diet, put it back, lost it again.  However, I'm particularly proud of my weight loss in 2011, as I did it sensibly, healthily and 146lbs is the lightest I have been since my early teens!  

I am however very annoyed with myself that after coming off the Weight-watchers plan in September during our Madagascar trip, and then indulging far too much over Christmas, I have put back on 7lbs and start 2012 at 153lbs (10 stone 13lbs).  However, I know that I can lose weight successfully, and I'm starting again on Weight-watchers today, this time determined to lose those lbs, and a few more, so next year will be the year I get to goal...and am especially motivated as I'm sure losing the weight is a massive contributor to my PBs and will only help my times in 2012!

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