Friday, 13 January 2012

My Garmin, the Magic Mile and a training update

Marathon training is well and truly underway - I'm feeling pretty good about it and generally very positive - a stark contrast to my state of mind a week ago ;)

My most exciting news is that I've finally replaced my Garmin that I threw away in a fit of temper last year at the beginning of a race when it wouldn't turn on!  So now I can get an idea of my pace, and studiously analyse my running stats like the geek I am...and see how much more work I need to do on my speedwork! 

I bought the 405CX in the end, because I decided that I really couldn't afford the 610 that I wanted, but the 405CX is a great watch with lots of functions (most of which I'll probably never use) and I'm very happy with it.  The main reason I went for this one over some of the cheaper GPS watches on the market was the number of different options you can choose to have displayed on the screen including average pace which lots don't seem to have - I love the level of customization that's available, combined with it looking pretty good - and there's a fabric strap as an option which is so much better than the solid plastic one that comes as standard.  However, swapping the strap for the fabric one did result in lots of swearing and shouting at Garmin!

Anyway, now I have my watch, I've been doing some proper speedwork, long runs, runs at race pace - it's been good :) The massive change for me now I've started my marathon training schedule properly is having rest days, after having got used to going out every day during my run streak it's definitely a nice change! Strangely though, sometimes I do feel like I'm missing a run and I should probably go out anyway, because I've got the time and I quite fancy it but at the moment, I'm not, and I'm trying to stick to the plan to give my body the time to recover from the extra effort that I'm putting in when I am training.

I've also got my race schedule planned for the next six months.  As well as the Brighton Marathon, and the Challenge hub 50 mile challenge, I've also got the Halstead Marathon booked, a couple of halves, and a couple of 10kms.  It's going to be busy! I hope I'm not being too ambitious and setting myself up for injury but I'll listen to my body and if I need to rest more, or change my plans, I will.  The key target for this year is a sub 4hr marathon and my ultra, and I don't want anything jeopardising those.

Jamie RossOh, and I've decided to take part in Jamie Ross's (aka @lardyboy2011) MagicMile challenge.  You post the fastest mile you can run each month, to see at the end of the year who's improved the most and of course who's the fastest!  Take a look here.  I'll be running my MagicMile this weekend...

It’s been a good week!

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