Monday, 28 November 2011

Living by twitter #hashtags

Today is day 5 of the #RWRunStreak.  Initially, that was the only hashtag challenge I was planning to take part in, but after looking at other things people I follow were involved with, today is also my fifth day joining in with #plankaday (where you do one
How a plank should be done!
plank each day, building up the time you can hold yourself in position as each day goes pastand although I'm not doing it every day, tomorrow I'll be out of my bed early for the fourth time for the #6amCLUB where everyone is up and out exercising while it's still dark and before the morning really starts!  

If it wasn't for the twitter hashtags, I wouldn't be doing any of these things...I'd be trying to stick to my running schedule of 4 runs a week but probably only managing 3, I wouldn't be considering planks, and I certainly wouldn't be up before the dawn!!  

I'm the first to admit, that this probably seems a bit strange, especially to people who don't "get" twitter.  I know it must seem very weird that I'm feeling compelled to change my behaviour to comply with some website and a load of strangers!

But that's not quite it. 

I'm actually feeling motivated to improve my training because I don't feel that I'm on my own, it feels like I've got hundreds of training partners out there going through the same things I am.  It's hard as the winter draws in to keep focused on training, and so far, keeping up with my hashtag obligations is really working for me!  

It's obviously a personal challenge for me to complete the Runner's World Run Streak (to run at least a mile a day from Thanksgiving to New Year) but it's also a challenge that hundreds of people all over the world are involved with, as well as lots of people who I would consider myself to be friends with on Twitter...and I love being a part of that too, and to share my experiences with everyone else.

So...#keepongoing, #dontgiveup, #staymotivated and maybe even join me completing the #RWRunStreak and #plankaday, then do it all at the #6amCLUB :)

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