Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My Malagasy adventure!

I'm on holiday in Madagascar at the moment, and having a really amazing time.  We're backpacking around the island and it really has been an adventure!  Due to some issues (boyfriend losing his passport, missing our scheduled flight home to London, not being able to get another flight for an extra week) I'm now unexpectedly not going to be back at home until 2nd November though - we'll have been on holiday for 26 days!!

Although we've obviously been pretty active on holiday, I didn't bring my trainers with me, and i'm going to be interested to see just how much not running for a month has affected my endurance and my pace, and how much weight I've put on ;)

I was due to be running the Grand Union Canal Half Marathon in November, but think I will strike that off the schedule as there's no way I'll be fit for it, and just concentrate on steadily getting back my fitness, to restart proper marathon training just before Christmas.

Wouldn't swap my holiday for the world though...it's been fantastic so far :)

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