Friday, 19 August 2011

Boys, look away now...this post's all about the bounce!

Timing is everything. I've been thinking I really need to get myself a new sports bra for a while, as my two seem to have started falling apart at the seams, and definitely aren't giving me the "support" I need. I know every time I run I'm doing more damage to myself, and accelerating the dreaded droop, so, when I was offered a Nike Pro Victory Compression Sports Bra to try out and review, I jumped at the chance.

It's a really well styled piece of kit, and I loved it on sight.  I've been meaning to get a racing back style bra for ages as they look so much better with the tops I prefer to wear (and reduces those awful strap tan lines!) and I sample I got was in a pretty blue, like the picture, which suited me just fine.  I got a "medium" size to try - I'm about a size 10 and thought that would be fine for me. I wasn't flowing over the sides or back of it, and when I first put it on, I was very pleased - if I was a few lbs lighter and a lot more toned, I might be persuaded to wear it as a top on it's own, as it definitely looks the part.  The only other point to note about the design is that it's cut very low under the arms, which is a big plus for me - makes it much more comfortable!

So, I headed out for a 6 miler on Thursday night to see whether it would be as functional as it was good-looking!  The bra definitely did what it said on the tin...absolutely excellent "bounce-reduction" (is that a real bra-related technical term or have I just made it up?!) and even on a couple of quick downhill sections I didn't notice any movement at all - usually, with my currently bras I have to fight the urge to run with my arms folded across my chest.  So thumbs up on that one, which is, of course, the most important element of a bra - does it actually give you the support you need!  It was also pretty effective at the whole wicking thing - unfortunately I do sweat a hell of a lot, but I stayed comfortable, and didn't get that dreaded cold back you sometimes end up with when running!

Unfortunately, the only draw back was that I think I could have done with a size bigger.  The whole compression element of the bra was great for the level of support it gave, but it seemed to really affect my lungs too, and I didn't feel that I could breathe properly!  I've never worn a compression bra before, and  although when I put the bra on it seemed to fit fine, I think I'd have had a much better time if I'd been running in a "large" size, so I think I might head over to the Nike store to try out one of those :)

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