Thursday, 2 June 2011

Running & blood donation on the same day?

Well, we're a day in and I've already screwed up my Juneathon...although that doesn't mean I'm giving you can see, at least I'm blogging today!  So, what's happened?

Well, last night was a late one as I was celebrating my cousin's birthday (no drinking but home late) so I decided not to get up at 5.30am but to have a couple of extra hours sleep, and to go for my run this evening. Unfortunately, what I hadn't factored into this plan, was that today I had an appointment to donate blood.

Now, donating blood really isn't a big deal, and it's something that everyone who is eligible, I think, should do.  I went along to the local clinic during my lunch break from work, and felt fine for the rest of the day with absolutely no ill effect.  However, it is recommended that you don't do any "vigorous activity" for the rest of the day after donation.  In my mind though, all afternoon, I had still planned to ignore the advice and head out for my speedwork session that's required by my training schedule, at about 10pm. But this evening rolled around, and as 10pm got closer and closer I realised that I really didn't feel 100% ready and running was probably a pretty stupid thing to do a few hours after losing a pint of blood!

After doing a bit of online research, I didn't find anything that suggested I should run this evening - every article & forum said I should rest today, and furthermore, to expect a reduction in my pace & an increase in perceived effort over the next couple of weeks! Doh!

Oh well, I think giving blood is an important, worthwhile thing to do - blood stocks are relied upon by thousands of adults & children either being treated for illness or accident and those blood stocks only come from you and me going to the clinic and donating! If by helping the cause it means missing a day's run, or a PB at my half marathon next weekend, then I think it's probably worth it.  Now I just need to get ready to run tomorrow!

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