Wednesday, 29 June 2011

I'm famous!

Well, actually I'm not...even remotely.  But I got a tweet earlier today telling me that I should check out this month's edition of Running World, because I was famous!

As soon as I got home from this evening's 10km, I tore open the magazine which had arrived in the post this morning, and flicked through, having no idea what I was looking for, but assuming I must be in there somewhere.  And suddenly, there I of my tweets printed in the "Twitter Tips" feature.  Ironically, bearing in mind my complete lack of motivation this last few was in the motivation section, about how I listen to audio books, but only when I run, to encourage me to go out so I can hear the next chapter.

So there we go.  This month's Runner's World has a feature on Usain Bolt, and he's on the front cover...and I'm in the same edition. Nice! :D

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  1. Hi, just came across your blog through Juneathon and love it. I haven't done so well with Juneathon but with the Race for Life coming up and some 10ks planned i hope to be on track again soon. Check out my blog and say hello.