Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Hurray - I'm back: Hyde Park 10km, done!

Well, I don't quite know what went wrong, but for the last month I've found it very hard to keep to my schedule, often only running one or two days a week, and not really "feeling it"...and obviously I haven't been blogging either.  It's not been great, and to be honest I've been feeling pretty guilty about the whole thing, but have been apparently unable to change my attitude.

However, after a decent 17 mile cycle ride on Sunday, a 6 miler on Sunday and a 10km race this evening, I feel that I'm back on track, my enthusiasm has returned, and I'm ready to start training properly for the next marathon.

But before that, a brief report on today's after work 10km.  It was a two lap run around the incredibly beautiful Hyde Park in central London, organised by the British Heart Foundation as a fundraiser, and although a little hotter than I like it, the sunshine and blue skies made it a stunning day to be running too.  It was advertised as a "jog" event, and there was an option for a 5km or 10km, which split the field by about half, and some people were there walking the route, with everything very relaxed - no timing chips, or even a clock anywhere in sight, and we were all wearing cotton BHF t-shirts meaning there wasn't even lots of lycra.  So, very different to the usual type of race I take part in, but Hyde Park was an absolutely perfect venue, and I thought as I've now started fundraising for the BHF it would be great to be involved in one of their events.

Despite the heat, I had a decent run, especially bearing in mind my lack of recent training, and finished in 57mins 47secs according to my watch, which was fine by me, and faster than the 10km I did this time last year.

So, it was a fun early evening run, and Francis came to support me too which was really lovely.  I probably wouldn't do another of these events, as I think I prefer something a bit more focused on the running, but it was great to be part of a big fundraiser for the British Heart Foundation, especially to run with so many other people who were there taking part in memory of loved ones they'd lost to heart disease. It was quite an emotional thing really, sharing that with all 2,000 odd people who were there, and am very glad I chose this as my July race.

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