Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Post-marathon pain & recovery

Ooooh, aaaah, ouch..... Yes, getting down the stairs is more than I can easily manage without going backwards!

I could cope with stairs on Sunday, but two days in and my legs (shoulders and back) have not forgiven me for the pounding I gave them around London, and my blisters, toe-nails and all the red-raw places where the skin has rubbed away are pretty angry with me too! All ideas that I had for going for a run tomorrow have gone out of the window.

I am still walking though (as I have no choice, still have to get to and from work!) and I suppose that's probably helping, although given half the chance I'd still be sat on the sofa with my feet up!

The problem that I have is that as much as I would like to have a full on rest for a couple of weeks, I'm due to run the Shakespeare Marathon in just 19 days, and so really can't afford to sit on my back-side and lose my fitness! I'm reading every online resource going about how to recover from a marathon, how to keep training etc, but I'm really having to make it up as I go along, because no where can I find an article that tells me what to do if I've been such an idiot as to have signed up for another marathon so soon after the last!

Oh well, I'm determined to give it a go.  The great thing with the Shakespeare is that I can divert at the half way point, and finish the Half Marathon that is taking place around the same course, so if I am really suffering, I can still finish a race, although not necessarily the one I started.

For the time being though, I've decided I'm not going to pull my trainers on again until Sunday...in all honesty, with the blisters and damaged toe-nails I've got, I don't think I could get them on at the moment.  I can only manage flip-flops today!

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