Sunday, 10 April 2011

Panic!! A week left til the big 26.2 & I've hurt myself

I'm in the middle of my taper for the marathon which is now just a week away.  I'm hugely excited, and, up to yesterday morning, feel very ready for the run.  However, I seem to have done something pretty stupid.

It was a truly gorgeous day yesterday, and it was like a summer's morning rather than a day in early April!  My boyfriend and I were meeting friends in a pub garden for the afternoon, and we decided to make that pub garden a stop on a countryside bike ride.  I very rarely go out on the bike, although my boyfriend cycles every day - it's not really my thing - but when the weather is nice it's something I can really enjoy, especially as we're out there together instead running on my own!  And yes - the bike ride was lovely; the country lanes around where we live really do show off some of (what I think) are the best things about British countryside - rolling farmland, ancient woodland, tree-canopied roads and quaint churches and villages.

However, for all that beauty, by the time we were riding home, I was ruing the decision to go on a long bike ride with only week to go until the big 26.2 run.  My legs were aching, and particularly my lower inner thigh (the sartorius muscle) was absolutely burning.  I was experiencing more pain and doing more huffing and puffing than I when I run and I don't think I'm ever relied on my mantra more to keep going up and down the hills..."pain is temporary, pride is forever"...all the while thinking that I wasn't going to be proud about finishing this ride, it wasn't a run, and I just wanted to get it over with ;)

But finally I made it home, and gratefully dumped my bike.  I tried to stretch out my legs, but I've never felt my sartorius muscle before, and wasn't sure how to get to it as none of my usual running stretches got close! The pain unfortunately didn't get any better during the evening, and to get to sleep last night I had to take pain killers and anti-inflammatories, hoping that by the morning, the bed rest would have sorted me out. 

But this morning I'm starting to panic.  My legs, although no-longer beset by the burning pain, are still feeling heavy and uncomfortable.  I was meant to be going for a 10mi run today but really don't think it's a good idea, as I'm concerned I'll just compound the problem.

So, I'm going to spend the day resting my legs, maybe have a hot bath and then do some stretching and see how I go.  Ideally I'd like to get out for at least 5mi this evening, but will only go if I feel ok - I'm so annoyed with myself that I put myself in this position, and am just desperately hoping that I haven't ruined my taper!

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