Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Back to the grindstone

After having a week off to recover from the marathon (which I have now, fully, all bar a missing toe-nail) and an Easter weekend where I consumed more calories than I should have in a week...I'm back on the training.  I have the Stratford Marathon coming up, a couple of halves, have also signed up for another marathon in September, and this morning I applied for the 2012 London Marathon ballot again. My friends and family have given up trying to understand why I keep doing all these races...not even sure I understand...but I suppose I just love the challenge :)

Anyway, Francis and I went for a lovely cycle ride yesterday, only 14 miles but it was more for enjoying the gorgeous countryside and amazing weather, than any exercise, so I also went for a 4 mile run in the evening.

I can't believe how heavy my legs felt, how tired I was and generally just how difficult it was to do the run. The Duracell bunny I was not!  I'm blaming all the chocolate, BBQ food and beer over the Easter weekend -  I can't believe that I would have lost all my fitness during the taper and a week off.

I'll be running again this evening (a 6 miler this time) and really hope that if I manage to eat and drink well today, I'll feel more like my normal self when I go out - my next marathon's in just 12 days and that's really not enough time to start from scratch!

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