Monday, 10 January 2011

A very good start to the year

I'm feeling (a little bit) like a new person.

The last week has gone so well, and I'm now feeling really motivated, enthusiastic, and a bit slimmer too (over half a stone according to the scales!).

The training has been going really well, and despite having a cold this week, I've been up at 5.30am each morning I've intended to be, and finished a decent paced 10 mile run yesterday. The 10 miler was challenging too because there were many opportunities to shorten my route and head home, and I had to struggle with myself to keep going and follow the long way round, but go the long way round I went, I achieved my 10 miles and am feeling very pleased with myself ;)

I've also managed to overhaul my diet as and that was always going to be the hardest thing for me to achieve.  This time though, I've really approached the "healthy eating" resolution differently to the many times I've tried before - this time it isn't about losing weight, it's about fuelling myself.  Giving my body all the nutrients it needs to function properly, and to help me run to my potential.  I've made a lot of changes, but my new way of eating includes lots of fruit and salad, two servings of dairy every day, some seafood instead of chicken all the time, upping my water intake to hydrate myself, the odd smoothie, and reducing the very frequent indulgence in chocolate and cake! 

I think the key to this that will keep me on the right track though is that I haven't actually cut anything out.  We had fish and chips from the chippy on Friday night because that's what we do every week and I always really enjoy it.  I had some chocolate when friends came over on Saturday and when I was feeling peckish last night after a healthy dinner of a lovely bean and lentil soup, I quite happily had a slice of the cake that's left over from Christmas.  But they were the only occasions I treated myself, and to be honest, that was enough.  I'm also keeping in mind the Runner's World tips for weight loss - adding the cinnamon to a yogurt to boost your metabolism is my favourite - and hopefully that will help too!

The scales confirmed just how poor my Christmas diet had been but have rewarded me with a massive weight loss this week, although sure that will slow down over the month.  

BUT....I know that I mustn't get too carried away with the whole dieting thing.  

As a runner, my energy needs are far in excess of someone with a more sedentary lifestyle, and the carbs I consume are still really important.  A bowl of cereal every morning and healthy carbs with most meals is something I just couldn't function without and no amount of weight loss would be worth reducing my energy and ability to run.  As I said, everything I'm doing at the moment is concentrating on me becoming a better runner...not about showing off my ribcage ;)

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