Sunday, 2 January 2011

Must stop eating like I'm a waste disposal machine!

December is always a bad month for my diet and my figure but I think this year I've really outdone myself.

On 5th December, I weighed 161lbs - today I am 169.8lbs!  That's an absolutely obscene increase in a month, and I really am quite appalled with myself, but what did I expect?! Scoffing mince pies, chocolate and unheard of quantities of cheese every day throughout December has resulted in me putting on 8 pounds since the beginning of the month and now I feel (and look) in very bad shape!

Today is where I reign myself in, and start to eat like a runner - I'm determined not to go on a diet, but I am gonna to start fuelling my body, rather than using it like a waste disposal machine.  I'm running marathons in April and May, and without eating properly I'm not giving myself the best chance to achieve what I know I can.

I'm just about to head out for my first run of 2011 - I'd better make sure it's a hard one!

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