Friday, 14 January 2011

I've been hit by the big "I"

I knew it was going to happen sooner or later.  I was hoping for later.  Preferably much later, like after I've finished both marathons by the middle of May and I can happily contemplate not running for a month.

I did not want it to happen with two half marathons left to run and 92 days left until the big 26.2 in London.

Unfortunately though, over the last week, I've been aware of a niggling pain that was only present when I ran, and this morning it's gone and shown itself as an injury.  I've not been injured for about 8 months I think, since I had some problems with my hip, which a few sessions of physio and strength training fixed.  I ran through that one and got better, so I'm hoping this one is minor and I can get over it in a couple of days...always the optimist ;)

At 1.5miles into my run this morning (after pushing through a dull aching pain from the start that I figured would go away if I kept at it) I found myself pulling up after an acute pain ran through my lower calf muscle, radiating out across my lower leg...a bit like I imagine it would feel to be stabbed.  After the initial pain wore off, I gave it a rub, did a bit of stretching, prayed to all the gods I don't believe in, and tried to run a bit more.  Unfortunately, I was limping, I couldn't get faster than a jog, and every few paces, the stabbing came back, which buckled my leg.  I gave up and hobbled home :(

Once home, I grabbed the frozen peas and iced for twenty minutes, and am now wearing a compression bandage.  The pain seems to have gone now and I can walk absolutely fine, but I'm worried in case it comes back when I next run - I have no idea of the cause or what it is that's damaged, but I'll rest tomorrow.  I do really wanted to get my long run in on Sunday but will just see how it goes - at the moment, I'm very unsure as to what the next week's training is going to be like!

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