Thursday, 6 January 2011

I can't accept that I'm ill

It's been coming for a few days now, but this morning I woke up to find my body was trying to tell me that I'm ill.  I ignored it, and went for a run anyway, and actually got on pretty well.  I got up to a decent pace, stopped sneezing for the duration, although my nose was still streaming, but as I'm perfectly capable of breathing through my mouth I got on ok ;)

A couple of hours later though, I'm starting to feel really quite awful.  This is not good!

After a lazy Christmas, I just can not afford to have any more time off from training.  I'm sensible enough to know that if the virus or whatever it is i've got moves to my lungs then I have to have a break, but unless it gets to that, I have to just keep going and make sure every session counts in case I do get really ill. I had bronchitis a month before my last marathon attempt and sure that's partially to blame for my terrible time.  I do hope it doesn't happen again - the London marathon is in 100 days!

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  1. Hi Naomi, do you know the rule of thumb which says that you can go for a run if the cold's above your neck but not below? Apologies if I'm teaching grandma to suck eggs... You're supposed to try to sleep more if you train when you're not 100% oh, and of course, those vitamin things...