Sunday, 5 December 2010

Treadmill torture!

So, still unable to run on the streets due to snow, ice, and my general dislike of the cold...I headed to the gym again yesterday, and managed to get in a really good 2hr session.

I went on my usual cardio machines (rower, cross trainer and bike) and then, because I knew I really needed to get some running in, decided to give the treadmill a go.  Oh my god! I just don't understand how anybody runs on these things.  I set up a programme, put my gradient up to 1 (isn't that what you're meant to do to simulate road conditions?) and started off.  Bearing in mind I can run for a few hours when I need to, and can do a 10km in under an hour, I really thought that I'd be able to get a few miles in at a 10km/hr pace without too much trouble.

How wrong I was - within a few minutes, I was sooooo hot!! I really think that without the airflow that I get from running through the air outside, my body just can't cool me down quickly enough to cope.  Five minutes in, and my face looked like a beetroot and I was so embarrassed!  I wasn't feeling good, very hot, and I wasn't enjoying it, and so gave up and went back to the bike and then onto the weight machines.

So, disappointing still not to have clocked any miles for December, but I certainly don't think I'll be trying the treadmill again, unless my gym introduces a new air conditioning system...or fans in front of the treadmills!

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