Monday, 13 December 2010

Marathon training starts today

Well, this is it - the big day has arrived. Today is the start of my 18 week marathon training programme. This is where I'm going to make or break my dream of running an awesome race at London on April 17th...and then getting round at the Shakespeare marathon in Stratford, 3 weeks later.

On the Ben Does Life blog I recently read this post about his efforts in the Las Vegas marathon, which he ran on December 5th.  Part of the blog is about time goals for finishing a marathon:

"When a runner is training for a marathon (other than the first one, where the goal is to finish), he or she has a few different time goals.
A: The public goal – as the name implies, this is the goal the runner tells people when asked what his goal is. Barring a complete meltdown, this goal is easily attainable and would even be a slight disappointment to the runner.
B: The actual goal – Usually about 5-10 minutes faster than the public goal. The runner will tell close friends and family about this goal. It’s also the time that the runner feels comfortable striving for and thinks there is a reasonable chance of hitting.
C: The secret dream goal – The runner doesn't tell anyone this goal, because he knows that the stars would have to align and everything would have to fall perfectly in place for the secret dream goal to happen, and if a runner knows nothing else, he knows that during 26.2 miles, nothing ever falls perfectly in place."

Of course, depending on how training goes, the goals I set myself may change, but as of today, I have these goals for the London marathon (although at Stratford it will just be to get round and enjoy it).  Unlike Ben's public goal, mine though would not be a disappointment, nor will it be easily's twenty minutes faster than my PB, and an hour faster than my last marathon attempt!
Public goal: 4hrs 41mins
Actual goal: 4hrs 29mins
...and as for C...well, I'm just not telling ;)

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