Thursday, 25 November 2010

In need of inspiration

Over the last few months, I've been really pleased with my running progress, getting up early, running decent long runs on a Sunday, and I've amassed a fair few medals for the races I've taken part in. I'm really looking forward to my 3rd marathon in the Spring and my next race, in a couple of weeks, will be my sixth half marathon. I read running books, am very interested in the idea of trying barefoot running, and spend half my time reading running articles online.

But...the problem is that this week I seem to have completely lost my motivation - all of a sudden, it's gone, I'm losing interest, am eating so unhealthily and just want to sleep!

I can't get up in the morning and am sleeping until 7.15am and then getting the latest train I can to scrape getting into work on time. I've barely seen the inside of the gym for the last three weeks, and have only run once this week, and only managed 3 miles 'cause I got bored and went home. try and pull myself back, I've going to start blogging every day. Maybe just a couple of lines, maybe a whole piece about how things are going, but I'm going to focus this blog on my running and hopefully get myself out of this slump!

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