Sunday, 2 May 2010

First day in the gym...

If I'm going to improve on this year's marathon time, next year...which I am...I must try and get fit. I need to run and cross train. And I need to start now.

So, I joined the local gym...again...

I went along to my gym induction this morning, expecting "Mark" and was greeted by a horribly slim and fit seemingly 12 year old girl. Not the best start to my new gym experience, as I'm a bit self conscious about the whole thing...and she then went on to tell me about how in the evenings the gym is full of teenage lads ogling the slim and fit Billericay girls. I'm already looking around for the door, but must remember the massive contract I've signed up to!

Anyway, I did the induction, and thought I'd have a bit of a go on the bike, that should be easy enough, but after 5 minutes felt dizzy and sick :(...oh dear, I thought - this is not how this was meant to go! I gave up and went home, but determined to go back and try and really make it part of my life.

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